Spa Services
European Facial
This treatment is individually
designed to meet your skin care
needs. The facial begins with a
thorough skin analysis, followed by
cleansing and exfoliating the skin to
remove dull surface cells. A custom
masque is applied while you enjoy a
shoulder, decollate, and hand
massage. $65
Teen Facial
Finally, a facial with teens in mind!
Designed to reduce inflammation and
bacteria on the skin, we will teach
you how to properly care for your
skin and offer advice in regards to
recommended home care.
Facial To Go
For those with little or no time to
spare, this facial is for you! After we
cleanse, tone and hydrate the skin,
light exfoliation is applied to eliminate
blackheads and refresh the skin,
delaying signs of aging.
Back Facial
Created specifically to open clogged
pores that can lead to blemishes,
this treatment consists of a
thorough cleansing, toning,
extraction, massage and masque.
Jan Marini Specialty Facials
C-Esta Vitamin C Facial
The Vitamin C line is a revolutionary
concept in anti-aging based on the
first topical form of soluble Vitamin C
that is able to be absorbed. $90
Gentleman's Fitness Facial
Specifically tailored for men, this
facial tones and deep cleans the face,
addressing such problems as razor
burn and other skin irritants. $65
Proteolytic Enzyme Facial
The enzymes digest dead skin cells
without harming living healthy cells.
The skin will have an immediate
improvement in texture and clarity.
MD Pro Peel
This enhanced rapid exfoliation
process is just one step above the
Glycolic Acid Treatment. The
addition of five key acids promote
ultimate skin vibrancy and radiance.
This treatment also has no
extractions and leaves your skin
feeling deeply cleansed and
remarkably soft.
Glycolic Acid Treatment
This rapid exfoliation process will
assist in accelerating the results
achieved from your home care
products. It plays a pivotal role in
diminishing the appearance of fine
lines and wrinkles. Recommended for
acne, sun damaged or aging skin.
Single Treatment $60
Combined w/facial $15
Series of Six Treatments $300
Bikini Facial
Like a regular facial but for the bikini
area! Gentle cleansing, toning, and
extraction will leave you feeling fresh
and ready for the beach.
Prices subject to change without notice.
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